The Oxford Funds aims to provide sustainable growth and a regular distribution to the collegiate University

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AUM has increased to £2.8bn through a combination of performance and inflows from across the collegiate University

The Oxford Endowment Fund has distributed £403m since its inception

The Oxford Endowment Fund

The Oxford Endowment Fund (OEF) holds permanent endowment gifts built up over centuries, through the generosity of donors. At its heart is the aim of providing sustainable growth and a regular distribution to investors. The OEF’s investment objective is to produce an average – often referred to as annualised – real return of 5% over the long term. The OEF opened to collegiate investors on 1 January 2009.

The Oxford Endowment Fund has returned 10.1% annualised since inception

The Oxford Capital Fund

The Oxford Capital Fund (OCF) holds expendable endowment. Typically this capital is for building projects. The investment objective of the OCF is to produce an annualised real return of 1.5% over the long term. The OCF opened to collegiate investors on 1 January 2010.

Performance is shown to 31 December 2016. Further information is included in the Oxford Endowment Fund Report

The Asset Allocation of the Oxford Endowment Fund at 31 December 2016

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